When you think about your home, you rarely take into consideration how easy it is for unwanted individuals to gain access to your valuables with little or no effort. In this day and age, anything can be tempting for burglars, even an iPad you don’t find all that special. Just because you can afford expensive things or don’t feel that your home is at risk, it doesn’t mean you should allow yourself a lapse in judgment and put your family at risk.

All too many homes are sitting ducks in the proverbial pond, but you can proactively keep your home safe by following the tips outlined below!

Install An Alarm System

It has become a proven fact that just by installing an alarm system by a professional monitoring service, you can cut down your chances of becoming a target. Burglars will not want to deal with an alarm that makes a lot of noise, and as an additional bonus, in a recent study, it was concluded that just a few houses in a neighborhood with alarm systems helped cut down on crime. Keep in mind that an alarm is not a cure-all as many companies may lead you to believe as alarms are activated once the break-in actually takes place. However, placing a sign in front of your home that you have a security system installed can deter criminals.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNWwo1adE9M&feature=youtu.be

Don’t Broadcast Your Next Vacation On Social Media

It is easy to get caught up in the moment and share your vacation plans via social media, but you have to consider that this is information that everyone can gain access to– even those not on your friend list! Oversharing is indeed a cause for concern as it can let a burglar, criminal, or pedophile know that you will be away from home for a long time. Your home can be a prime target for criminal intent, so only share your plans verbally with those closest to you.

Hide Your Key Well

The key to your castle should not be hidden in the obvious locations that worked in past decades (or didn’t). Any burglar knows that keys are always hidden under a fake rock, under your doormat, inside of your door jamb, or the worst place of all– your mailbox! You must realize that it is the 21st century and criminals have seriously gotten better at detecting obvious mistakes homeowners make. To stay on top of things, give your trusted neighbor your spare key or if you must hide it, do so in a place that’s creative and not overused.

Shed Light On Your House

Never leave your home unlit during the night. It is a fact that while most burglaries happen during daylight hours, a handful still take place at night. Motion sensing lights around your property can deter burglars as the lighting can broadcast their intentions to neighbors. While you’re not at home, it also makes sense to make your home look lived in and not vacant. If you get home late, have a friend or neighbor drive by and check your home.

Lock Your Home

If a burglar is intent on entering your home, your last line of defense should be a solid door and a window with shatter proof glass. Always lock your windows when you’re not home and your door! Additionally, add window treatments to your home as without them, it is very easy for burglars to see inside of your home without any effort and know you have valuables.

Sometimes, even your best efforts may not be enough, but when you take the necessary steps towards home security, you’re not taking chances!